About Us

For now, we make Laser Cut Miniature Kits. In the future we’ll be doing much more. A longer version of this section is coming to tell you much more about the Company. This is still a Work in Progress!

We are a new Fabrication Company that at the time primarily does Laser Cutting and engraving. We hope to expand our Shop and Tool set in the future to offer Router CNC work, Plasma Cutting and 3d Printing producing many different things. We are starting out with miniature sets with plans to expand our miniature offerings. We also aim to do a lot of Customization, Contract/Commissioned work, though at the moment we’re opening our Shop and keeping up with Inventory so we can’t do any Contract/Commissioned work.

You can find our products on the Sites listed below:

Etsy: xxxxxxxx store link
Shopify: xxxxxxx store link

To Contact us about Problems, Suggestions or if you would like Custom Work done our e-mail is provided below. Depending on our traffic response times may vary. Please be patient if it takes a few Days, we’re a small operation handling a lot at once, especially as we open our Store/s- we’re still figuring a lot of stuff out!

E-Mail: [email protected]